Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Well Soon, GK

Here is the Prairie Home statement about Garrison's hospital stay:

Mr. Keillor was transferred to St. Mary's Hospital (Mayo) in Rochester, Minnesota, after admitting himself to United Hospital in St. Paul on Monday.

He will remain at Mayo until this Friday to undergo testing, and upon his release will resume his schedule as previously planned. He is doing well and the family appreciates the warm wishes.

Mr. Keillor says: "Good afternoon. I am in Rochester at St. Mary's Hospital. After feeling ill on Monday morning, I drove myself to the United Hospital ER in St. Paul where I got excellent care and then was transferred to Mayo simply because they know so much more about me down here. I am in the hands of smart and compassionate people and plan to get out on Friday and get right back to work, record a new audiobook as planned, do some lecture engagements, a book tour for PILGRIMS, and of course the season opener at the Fitzgerald on September 26. I have my laptop with me, and I am at work on the long-awaited Lake Wobegon screenplay. And that's the news from here."

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Adrian Eve Revenaugh said...

Another place to find you're doing alright after the scare last month.
Pilgrims is soon to be acquired here in Bako.,Ca and I can't wait for further word on the screenplay.
I'm pedaling my way back to you and CGB next Spring. Don't blink out before that or any time soon...please! In the meantime, be well.