Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Been A While

Blogs are timely. They are meant to be updated in a timely fashion. People check their favorite blogs on a daily basis for updates on the world which those blogs are representing.

Let me assure you, we are still here in our cozy basement home, selling away, if not blogging. My apologies. For 2008: More blog entries for any of you out there still coming by. Promise. Tell your friends.

So, what's new? A nice little event happening this weekend. Bill Holm will be down the street at the church talking with Garrison about his (Holm's) new book, The Windows of Brimnes. (My favorite lines in the book come early (mostly because I've just started it): "There are too many of us, and we are too hard to keep track of. We like to put things in numerical order, in case the authorities should need us suddenly.) If you haven't read Holm's book The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth, it would behoove you to get a copy.

And besides the fantastic writing, just look at that guy. He's awesome, right?

Alright, more soon. I leave you with an essay from the above-mentioned author.

I'll be working the event, so come by and say hello.


Oh, and a new look...

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