Sunday, November 4, 2007

What We Think

If you come by the store you'll notice some "Shelf-talkers" next to some of the books, recommendations from CGB staff and customers, a way to get the literary discussion rolling.

Here are a couple:

For The Dog Says How by Kevin Kling:

This is a sweet, insightful and very droll collection of tales by a fine Minnesota story-teller. They range from boy scouts and taxidermy, Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney, to living with a disability, and the newspaper clipping your dad sends when he finds out you've chosen a career he finds suspect.

For American Bloomsbury by Susan Cheever:

Taking a family road trip to New England? I wish I'd had this when I went on a trip East with the fam long ago. Great insights into the incredible intellectual community that was Concord.

If you've read anything good lately and feel like making a recommendation, stop by and get it on the shelf.

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