Monday, February 18, 2013

This Week's Poem l A to Z

There is something so deeply feminine 
about this pear. That's what the idiot said 
right before I threw the drink on him. 
Violence begets violence, the saying goes, 
but love is often a one-way street. 
In order to understand the product's function, 
hold it to a mirror and sound out the Chinese characters.
Confusion may lead to enlightenment. 
Giving birth may lead to a parallel universe 
in which the only currency is lodged in the breasts.
When not on the moon, the astronaut eats space ice cream
and watches Dateline in El Paso. Living in extremes 
must either be a form of disconnection or intimacy, 
the dog howling as the fire truck passes. 
One constant is that there will always be a Z 
at the end of the alphabet. This will be pointed out 
in many children's books: In Zebraland 
zee zebras zest lemons and zipper zheir zooish robes 
at zee end of zee day. The wind-up toy falls asleep 
on my chest, heaving its feathered gears. 
I've always wanted to be the softest piece 
in the chess set. I've always known 
there never was a soft piece in the chest set. 

From Easy Math, by Lauren Shapiro. Sarabande Books, 2013

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