Friday, November 16, 2012

Univocal Publishing

Univocal Publishing is an independent publisher of philosophy, technology, poetry and more. Now most everyone's familiar with the breadth and depth of publishers we're more than lucky to have here in the twin cities (and if not then read this article), unparalleled perhaps by anything but the number of local purveyors of ice-cream--delicious, creamy ice-cream--but perhaps you're less aware of the number that publish, as in make, the books themselves. Univocal is one such publisher, and translator, and I had the pleasure recently of visiting their atelier, a word I thought meant "private landline," but turns out is French for "workshop," where I got to stand back at a heroic distance and witness firsthand the printing of the cover of  Photo-Fiction: A Non-Standard Aesthetics, by Francois Laruelle. Much much more to come on Univocal's process and philosophy, as well as proximity to Sebastian Joe's, but in the meantime I'll just mention that tomorrow night Francois Laruelle is speaking at the Weisman Art Museum (see below.)

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