Sunday, September 16, 2012

What NOT to Say to Molly Ringwald

Before Molly Ringwald makes her writerly debut, I thought it might be fun/critical to get all of the questions out of my system I might be otherwise tempted to ask that have nothing to do with fiction or writing. Repeat after me, I shall not ask Molly Ringwald...

1. "Do you know John Cusack personally? What's he like? Current address? Stuff like that..."

2. "How long did it take you and Emilio and Anthony Michael Hall to slide across the floor at the same time in The Breakfast Club? Takes-wise."

3. "Is it me, or were you not in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Every time I watch that movie it's like I can't remember if I left the stove on in my apartment or not. Oh, come on, you get it."

4. "Who were we supposed to hate in Pretty in Pink? Duckie or James Spader? Sorry, I'm sure one of them we weren't supposed to, but it's been awhile."

5. "Were you (Or was the cake?) digitally inserted into the last scene of Sixteen Candles? Really? Then how did your dress not catch fire?"

6. "It's nothing. Just something I'd like him to know. Or to say... Or to not say..." (Blushing) "OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!"(Running in place with arms flailing)

7. "Excuse me, miss, I have the floor. Molly. Molly! You know where I'm sitting. Oh, come on!"

8. "I'm not. I promise. I'm not."

9. "So whatever happened to Michael Schoeffling and/or did he surreptitiously change his name to Matt Dillon, and/or is it possible he never made it out of the last scene in 16 Candles. I'm just saying, watch the footage."

10. Tell John I love him. Please.When you see him.

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