Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nonfiction, New and Improved

"Reporting" has been renovated into sub-sections covering everything from "International Affairs" to "Technology" to "Human Rights." It was a daunting task, but with the help of Joe and Georgia, it was done in five, maybe seven hours flat. It would have been done sooner, but while balancing precariously on a stool, attempting to shelve The Eskimo and the Oil Man in "Nature and Environment," then, on second thought, in "U.S. Policy," then, "wait, no," back again to "Nature," Georgia fell and "hurt [her] arm." So, big help there. Thanks a million G! Next stop "World Religions," for sure! Why not?

Aaanyway, so after Georgia left to bike to the hospital, I took ten for lunch and came back to a still unfinished New and Improved Nonfiction section at the behest of my own sense of hard work, while Joe apparently was slouching off.

Needless to say, "Race and Ethnicity" had yet to be pulled from narrative nonfiction and science was a mess. Like, Big Bang style mess! So I put an end to that as soon as G got back.

And something like 4 hours later, after a great deal of audible exasperation, "Nonfiction" was newer and better than ever! Well, I mean the books are still basically dismal and the same, but you get the idea. Stop in and see for yourself. Joe, from what I hear, is "taking the day off" tomorrow, so you should have plenty of time and space to sink into your next favorite work of nonfiction. I think it's sinking in for Georgia, too. The excitement and good news, I mean.

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