Friday, July 13, 2012

Bastille Day at Common Good Books

In honor of Bastille Day, Common Good Books is giving away copies of a rare, French language children's book titled le vieil homme qui aimait le from age, or the old man who... ate or loved or admitted or something... the cheese, by Garrison Keillor. In order to obtain your free copy, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Swing by our lovely neighbors at The St. Paul Cheese Shop and pick up some cheese.

2. Come to Common Good Books with your receipt and buy a book.

3. Receive le vieil homme qui aimait le fromage for free!

 Easy enough. And now, three ways NOT to get a free book:

1. Try sneaking a copy when no is looking. Wait until someone asks for help or goes to the bathroom. It'll take a while. Right?

2. Bring in cheese from home and try to pass it off as cheese you bought. Booksellers know books, not cheese. We'll never know the difference. Will we?

3. Receive your free copy! (I'm kidding. This man apparently was posing for the security cameras in some swaggering act of bravado, before being taken into custody)

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