Monday, March 5, 2012

TO-READ I Steve Martin's Tweets

Years ago, we used to look into the future and quietly bemoan the fact that "one day" The Selected Emails from... one writer to another would appear in print and, in turn, ratify the death of conscientiousness and friendship, apropos of nothing but our own habitual unwillingness to put in writing what a colon and parentheses could make sound fun and happy. That "day" has, more or less, arrived, with the publication of comedian, playwright, and musician Steve Martin's tweets. Turns out the form is much more fun than any correspondence via email will probably ever be. Take, for instance, my most recent conversation with Bookseller Joe:

Colin McDonald
Work Tonight? 4:15 PM

Hey Joe,

Am I scheduled to work tonight? 

Bookseller Joe
Re: Work Tonight? 4:27


Colin McDonald 
Re: Work Tonight? 4:31

Thanks. What time?

Bookseller Joe
Re: Work Tonight? 4:34

4 :)

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