Sunday, April 19, 2009

Common Good Books Spring Cleaning

A list of stuff we discovered during our annual spring cleaning:

--Four (4) Vacuum Cleaners -- Seriously
--One (1) Christmas Tree
--Ten (10) Copies of Pudlo's France (Hotel & Restaurant Guide) 2008/09 -- Planning a trip this summer? We've got an idea where you might want to go.
--One (1) Employee who can't stop Twittering -- even when in SD
--These guys who probably read some cool books.
--One (1) picture of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro playing baseball:

--Ten (10) copies of this book about Mermaids.
N.B. Mermaids rank third on our employee favorites list of half-reptilian/half-mammal creatures. The first two, if you're wondering: The lovely seahorse and the fearsome, yet allusive half-shark-alligator/half-man.
--Five (5) copies of Chuck Klosterman's novel Downtown Owl on our sale table, marked down to $12.00 (We didn't want to read it either).
--The strange phenomenon that whenever a certain employee starts talking about his conceptual band "The Aristocrats," (with two new singles "Jennifer Doyle On The Move" & "Does It Look Like I Want to be Approachable.") somebody who actually has a band seems to appear in the store.
--Too many MC's not enough mics.
--One (1) copy of the 2006 Sporting News Baseball Guide -- I'm going with the Cardinals to win it all. Your pick?
-- Jimmy Hoffa

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Susan said...

Hey, I did read DOWNTOWN OWL and it was not bad. The scene where the teacher describes what is going through each of his students brains while they sit bored in class is beautiful.