Thursday, April 23, 2009

Join the Common Good Books Conceptual Soccer Club

Common Good Books is conceptual sponsoring the Fugees soccer team of the North Atlanta Soccer Association. We know it's strange to sponsor a team this way, but we do what we can. How is this done: It's rather simple. All of us on staff have formed a conceptual circuit thought loop between our minds in support of the Fugees, pooled the support regions of our now collective brain to the Northern Atlanta region, and honed it in on this soccer team. It's a rather inspiring thing to do, and we encourage you to join us if you see fit. You can even do this at home, although we encourage you to do it at our humble store, for no better reasons than safety & solidarity. If you're interested, please stop by and let any of us know -- as we're all working with one collective mind on this issue, surely you won't encounter any confusion with the staff.

Of course you could read all about their story in Outcasts United, but we don't want to limit you to just the one option. Either way you'll be supporting a good cause and if you're running low on things to feel good about, well, now we've given you the chance to change that. That's how we do.

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