Wednesday, March 11, 2009

David Mura Event Recap

For those of you who missed it, here's a recap of CGB's event with David Mura.

Allan Kornblum, Publisher of Coffee House Press gave the evening it's first shot in the arm. Kornblum's introduction for David Mura and Mura's book Famous Suicides of the Japanese Empire was nothing short of legendary and his Coffee House Press mission statement was as inspired and sincere as you'd ever hope to come across.

The next bump that really got everybody going was Mura's "fracking" good reading--if you were there you know. Seriously, this guy's electric and his reading is no simple reading, but rather a sinus-clearing performance.

After the reading, and before we all went home to stare at our shoes under a haze, Mura chatted up with the events attendees and signed copies of his book. Notice how enthralled the gentleman on the left is by Mura's book--he just cannot stop reading and he's standing.

Photos by Coffee House Press Publicist, Esther Porter.

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