The fictive governor of Minnesota in my new novel, The Man in the Blizzard, is named Jim instead of Tim. In a scene late in the novel, Jim (his last name his Holsom), makes an appearance at a huge anti-abortion rally on the state capitol grounds. Pregnant women from around the country have been brought in at full term to be induced and give birth in medical tents around the capitol. The rally takes place on Labor Day and the the organizers have appropriated the phrase “Labor Day” for their own uses. Governor Jim Holsom speaks at the birth-in and signs that say, “Jim, it’s Him,” distributed by 4H kids from the state fair, spring up everywhere. Jim is hoping to get the VP nod and this appearance, in which he quotes Deuteronomy 30:19, “Choose life so you and your descendants may live,” firms up his conservative bone fides and he ultimately gets the nomination. Today, the real guv of Minnesota is in Denver, doing the VP job of dumping on the other party at their convention, as he hopes to get the nod. He actually knows by now. McCain announces tomorrow. Of course, I hope Pawlenty gets it. How often does one get a chance to look prescient? It looked unlikely, back when I turned in the final draft of the novel. I told myself that that was alright. If Philip Roth and Michael Chabon could write alternative history, I could write alternative present. That was my poetic license. Of course, I’d be very happy to see a bunch of Republicans bouncing around with signs that said, “Tim, It’s Him.”