Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Packed Houses For Some Great Events

Our last few events have been great! Whether we're learning about the history of the Supreme Court and The WPA or hearing how a local author came to be a best seller, we've been enjoying every minute.

Julie Kramer brought all kinds of goodies in support of her wildly popular first novel, Stalking Susan. She had the book cover as frosting on cookies, labels on wine and water bottles, and tee shirts on her sons. Now that's promotion.

Frederick Lane offers fascinating insight into what he sees as a deliberate effort by the Religious Right to reshape the Supreme Court in The Court and the Cross. Here, Fred makes everyone a little bit smarter. Just look at that guy in the shorts in the first row. Doesn't he look like he's getting smarter?

Susan Quinn discusses the Federal Theatre Project, which I knew nothing about before checking out her book, Furious Improvisation. What a fascinating program that included such luminaries as Orson Welles and Sinclair Lewis and produced Vodoo Macbeth, which had an all-black cast.

Julie Kramer signs her book. Check out the t shirt in the background.

Book cookies!?

Julie Kramer

Fred Lane

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