Saturday, May 17, 2008

Geoff Herbach & Sam Osterhout on the Road for The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg

Our friends over at are doing a cool travel diary with Geoff and Sam as they tour the country in celebration of The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg. Geoff and Sam, along with their fellow Electric Arc Radio stars, Steph and Brady, will be at CGB on Thursday, June 12 at 2008. We're all considering this a welcome home of sorts from this long book tour, which you'll see, once you read some of these diary entries, will be greatly needed.

Debut novelist Geoff Herbach sets off with his buddy and Electric Arc Radio castmate, Sam Osterhout, on a book tour around the country. Over the course of the next few weeks, Geoff and Sam will be sending in a road diary documenting their travels.

I stood in the doorway of my apartment in Minneapolis and looked in at all my stuff—the coat hooks, my bookshelves, my kitchen and my beloved kitchen appliances, the little rug in front of the kitchen sink that makes me fall over every afternoon during lunch—and then I backed out the door and let it shut, trying keep the image of all that stuff in my brain. Why is it so sad to leave home?
Herbach pulled up and I heaved my giant princess bag into his hatchback and we got a sandwich and hit the road for Madison, Wisconsin, the first stop on the extended Miracle Tour.


When books come out, the author goes on a book tour. There are authors from all over the place constantly stopping everywhere – bookstores, amphitheaters, etc. – all the time. Right? Apparently, most of them aren’t first-time authors. And, apparently, those authors who stop at a bookstore and find crowds there to greet them already have a readership. The crowd knows the author’s other works. The crowd is jacked to read more. The crowd wants to meet this fabled writer. I am a first-time author. Don’t expect jack for audience. I’ve been told that over and over. Don’t expect jack. Outside of the Twin Cities crowds won’t magically appear. That’s okay. I think. Actually I’m filled with anxiety. Why am I going on a book tour?
Because I’ve always wanted to go on a book tour. And it’s going to be really great. Sam is my pal. He’s agreed to go with me. He’s a great writer and reader. He’ll make it fun. We drive towards Wisconsin, my home state.


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