Thursday, March 20, 2008

More of Us Online

We've been working hard over here in our basement home (Look for our ad in The Onion: "Your Underground Bookstore." See we can be funny if The Onion comes a callin') trying to get our name all over this internet. Oh, and selling books.

You can now find us at:


Facebook (You must be a member to view the page, but anyone can join. So join.)

MySpace (Be patient with us on the MySpace page. It's just so cluttered that I get overwhelmed when I'm on it, so I have to take frequent breaks and go update the Facebook page.)

So, pick your poison. And if you want to learn about events and are old-fashioned and only use email rather than the above mentioned online social networking sites, sign up for our e-newsletter to the right of this post. See it?

1 comment:

Wiry but Strong said...

So how many blogs do we have these days? Just wondering. Although I hear "the kids" really seem to enjoy them...