Saturday, February 9, 2008

20th Annual MN Book Awards Finalists Announced

Some names that have come up a few times here since this blog began appear on the list for the 20th Annual MN Book Awards as well: Garrison Keillor, Patricia Hampl, Kevin Kling.

Charles Baxter's The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot is in the General Nonfiction category. His new book, The Soul Thief, comes out on Tuesday. Here's an excerpt from the first chapter, and you can pre-order here. (If you read the bio from Ploughshares and the first chapter of The Soul Thief, notice what the person on the West Coast says after reading one of Baxter's early novels and the way Jerome Coolberg describes Nathaniel Mason when talking about his name. A little insight into the working mind of this author, eh?)

Others on the list are Leslie Adrienne Miller for The Resurrection Trade and Eireann Lorsung for Music for Landing Planes By, both books of poetry; The Wet Collection by Joni Tevis--a nonfiction collection that I know at least one of the judges is very excited about; and William Kent Krueger for his novel Thunder Bay.

Winners will be announced on April 12.

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